Web designing using CSS

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets which helps to specify the format for a markup document. CSS was developed in 1996 by ‘Bert Bos’ and ‘Hakon Wium lie’.

CSS is mainly used to design web pages which are build using html or xhtml. CSS file can be written either inside HTML or externally in .css file.


What is the use of CSSWeb-Design-Software-2

Web browser easily reads html or xhtml. There are multiple tags which are repeatedly written along with content to develop a web page. To display the content in customized style we need to format these HTML elements. So, there is a need of style sheet that can format the HTML document. We can give each element a different id or class and then can style that tag accordingly.


Things to learn before you start learning CSS

You must learn HTML before you start learning CSS. Knowledge of basic HTML would be good enough to help you get started with CSS.

CSS helps to customize the style of HTML element. You can store style-sheets in external file and link it from HTML page.


How to start learning CSS

Learning CSS is very easy if you start with systematic way. Make sure you follow the following steps to learn web designing using CSS.

  1. Learn about CSS box model. You will get to know that around each HTML element there is a rectangular area which is referred as box model.
  2. Next you should learn to add border, margin and padding to your html element.
  3. Learn about Inline and Block elements in CSS. HTML element can be either inline or block. Both types of elements have their own property. So they behave differently.
  4. Then you can proceed to style your fonts and images.
  5. After that learn about designing two column layouts followed by three column layouts.

From where to learn designing using CSS

KB4DEV is a platform where you can read and edit notes written by different users. They have comprehensive CSS tutorial series which covers basic Cascading style sheet tutorial as well as advance designing tutorials like building two columns and three columns layouts using CSS and HTML.


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